Virginia Heath is a multi award winning director with New Zealand and UK nationality. Her short film Relativity (10') won 'Best Short Film' at the Berlin International Film Festival, 2002 and was nominated for the European Film Academy Awards.

Virginia recently won a Cross Media Challenge Award from the National Film Board of Canada to develop 'My Dangerous Loverboy', a cutting edge project for film, web and mobile against the sex trafficking of teenagers.

She directed Point Annihilation (30') in her native New Zealand starring Bruce Hopkins (Gamling in 'Lord of the Rings'), co-produced with Peter Jackson's companies, Weta Digital and Park Road Post.

Point Annihilation screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2005 in 'Cinema des Antipodes', and was selected by
i-Tunes, USA, as one of 3 British shorts to pilot the
i-Tunes film download site.

Virginia currently has several feature film projects in development (see below) including the thriller Mystery Ride set in New Zealand, with development funding from the New Zealand Film Commission; the noir thriller, Pania, a NZ-UK co-production, developed with funding from the NZFC, BFI and MEDIA; and the off beat Lynchian thriller Hades Bridge. Virginia has recently worked for Channel 4 Talent directing 'Inspiration Workshops' for young screen actors.

Her first short Deep Freeze (15) was shown at festivals including London, The Hamptons, Foyle, & New Zealand. Virginia began her career in film as an editor and then moved into directing arts documentaries for Channel 4 TV including Songs from the Golden City on South African jazz heroes, The Manhattan Brothers. Her fiction films explore the themes of sex, love, power, death and desire.

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Current Feature Film Projects

Mystery Ride

Mystery Ride is a dark, low budget thriller of love and betrayal, driven by the unsolved murder of a hitch hiker that haunts a small town and simply will not go away. Faced with the unexpected death of her husband, Kate Connelly (39) goes back to the rural town where she got married twenty years ago. As she falls in love with Ray, a handsome brooding Maori guy, and her former husband's best friend, she increasingly suspects he murdered the hitch hiker who mysteriously disappeared on the night before Kate's wedding...
Virginia Heath and Maxine Fleming

Hades Bridge

Tommy Macleod, a young drifter trying to escape his guilty past, is lured into a dangerous ritualistic game by the mysterious, alluring Hana Wilding, the woman who'll either be the love of his life or the end of it.Psychological thriller set in Hades Bridge, a twisted world of surreal Americana, controlled by a charismatic self made 'Sheriff ' where there's only one rule . there are no rules.

Pania leads you into deep water...

Pania is a stylish neo-noir thriller / love story set in 1930's New Zealand. Two lovers, a disgraced English journalist and a mysterious Maori woman jazz singer, investigate a disputed Maori land claim only to become fatally entangled in a web of passion, political corruption and murder. Developed with support from the MEDIA programme of the European Union, The New Zealand Film Commission, Channel Four Television, the London Production Fund, the British Film Institute, Northern Film and Media.

Love Is Like Vengeance

Revenge/road movie with a twist. Maya, a seemingly innocent young East European woman, is lured into becoming a sex slave by Ray, an older English man. But secretly, Maya is on a dangerous mission for revenge and entices Ray to her cause by gradually revealing the shocking truth of her nightmare past. A powerful and intimate relationship between captor and captive that questions who is enticing whom and where does power really reside?
Virginia Heath and Grant Keir


Lo fi Sci fi movie set in the near future. In a desolate, puritanical world where pleasure has been outlawed, a group of teenage girls in search of kicks are lured by 'lover boys' into the secret Paradise club, only to discover the shocking consequences of nanotechnology gone horribly wrong.
Virginia Heath and Grant Keir

Selected Credits
2009-2011My Dangerous Loverboy International Cross Platform Multi Media project comissioned by the National Film Board of Canada and Northern Film and Media, UK
2009My Dangerous Loverboy hard hitting 20 min drama and music video comissioned by the UK Human Trafficking Centre about the trafficking of young British girls around UK cities. Director.
2008The Casting Scene innovative online casting project funded by MELT working with the BBC, Channel 4, Orange, PACT and Screen Yorkshire
2008Little Lost David, Music doc for Channel 4 TV, Produced by VKH Films Ltd, Director, Documentary on rising star Sheffield singer song writer Little Lost David. Director.
2006Hades Bridge Car Show HD/super 8, 3 mins music trailer for the web with original song �Round Here� by Stoney. Produced by VKH Films Ltd. Director
2004Point Annihilation 35mm 30' fiction, NZ. Produced by Faction North/ Faction Films in assoc. with Cubem3dia, The Film Unit & Weta Digital, New Zealand. Writer/Director A dangerous, erotic journey of initiation through surf, sex & Maori tattoos.
2002Relativity DV/35mm 10' fiction produced by Faction North Ltd for the East London Film Fund, Film Council and Yorkshire Arts Writer/Director 'Everything is relative - especially the truth.'
1999Deep Freeze 35mm 15' fiction produced by Faction North for Channel 4, London Production Fund, YMPA, National Lottery. Writer/Director 'The unexpected gift of a fridge puts the freeze on love.'
1998Songs from the Golden City 52' Doc for Channel 4's 'Arthouse' Director 'Exiled jazz heroes find no change in the new South Africa.'
1997Carlo Levi Stopped Here 38' Doc for Channel 4. Director 'Italian Jewish writer, Carlo Levi, on the North/South Divide in Italy.'
1996Memories of Sekoto 38' Doc for Channel 4. Director 'Legendary 'father' of black South African painting exiled in Paris.'
1996Looking Both Ways 38' Doc for Channel 4. Director 'Turkish Painter, Hanefi Yeter, reflects on Berlin before and after the wall.'
1995Thanks Be To God We're Secular 38' Doc for Channel 4 TV. Director 'Conflict between secularism and Islam in Turkey.

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